Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Let us see the effects of Shani Mahadasa for Mesha Lagna by having the Shani placed at the Mesha Lagnam itself. The Mesha rasi (Aries sign) is owned by Chevva or Kuja (Mars), who is the fierce opponent of the Shani. Also the Shani becomes debilitated in the Mesha Rasi (Aries sign).

Let us see the effects of 19 Years of Shani Mahadasa on the Mesha Lagna (Aries rising sign) peoples:

First 9 1/2 Years of Shani Mahadasa on the Mesha Lagna (Aries sign):

1. The native would face troubled relationship with elder brothers and sisters.

2. The profitability on business or profession drops to a new low; uncertainity prevails.

3. The Mesham would face critical situation on maintaining illegal martial relationship.

4. But the Mesha Lagna people would come out successfully from all troubles in the end; but it would make them very stressful too.

Let us see the effects on the second and final part of Shani Mahadasa for Mesha Lagna (Aries sign)

1. Though the natives would face great difficulties in their business or profession, but they would build their business or professional strength brick by brick. 

2. The troubles within the business or profession would put great pressure and worries on the minds of Mesha Lagnam (Aries sign) 

The results are subject to change, if the Shani becomes combusted, attains Thithi Sunyam or moves in a retrograde manner or few other astrological factors

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