Friday, 28 September 2012


What could Ashtama Shani could do for Mesha Lagna (Ascendant) and Aries Sign (Rasi/MoonSign)?

Having Shani in the Scorpio (8th house) could create the following situations; since Scorpio house is owned by Mars, the fierce opponent of Saturn. Also the Aries house belongs to Mars. Hence the Saturn (Shani) would be able to do any good for them.

Since the Shani obtains the status of destructionist for the 11th house (Aquarius) that is owned by it, the maximum positive role played by the Shani would be to keep mum or neutral for the Mesha Lagna (Aries Sign). Now let us see the results.

1. Troubles, Confusion or dissatisfication in the Profession or Business.
2. Loss of income or profits.
3. Strong support from the elderly brothers/sisters; but greater amount of resentment & bitterness too.

But the problem becomes acute only during Shani Mahadasa with Shani Antardasa; or during the Shani Sade Sati; or both passing together (critical situation will arise). Also people born in the Chitirai, Mirugasirisa and Avittam (Mars Star's) has to be extremely vigilant during those period.

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