Saturday, 13 October 2012


The Saturn becomes the owner for the Aquarius Sign; hence the Saturn becomes benefice for the Aquarius Sign. Also the Saturn becomes the owner of the 12th house (Capricorn) too. The 12th house represents the expenses, availability of proper food, rest and comfort.

The Ashtama Sani does the following to the Aquarius Sign.

1. Deviation from the correct path could lead to loss of honor and reputation.

2. Expenses could be unmanageable; but the expenses would be for auspicious reasons only.

3. Due increased pressure from the workload, the Aquarius might lose some of their comfort; loss of appetite, unable to take food on time and unavailability of proper food.

4. Increased tension could lead to loss of sleep thus depriving the sound sleep.

But on the whole, the Saturn does very little damage and gives high benefits. But this could be expected only if the Aquarius sticks to lawful paths, which are morally correct too. Otherwise Aquarius would come down very quickly, like they had gone up.

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