Tuesday, 2 October 2012


What Ashtama Shani would do in the 8th house (Aquarius) for Cancer Sign?

The Saturn happens to be the owner of two inauspicious houses @ Capricorn (7th house) and Aquarius (8th house). Thus the Saturn can not and will not do anything good for Cancer Rising (Kataka Lagna) or Cancer Sign (Moon Sign).

If the Saturn attains more power then it will do more troubles and vice versa. Since Saturn is in the Aquarius (Own house) it attains immense power due to Moola Trikona status. Hence it gives as much trouble as possible for Cancer Sign. It is likely to give the following results.

1. Mutiple business or profession; but facing troubles in the smooth running of it.

2. Troubled martial life. Temporary separation of couples, diversified views, dissatisfaction or some times issues being dragged into the legal arena. These results could happen depending upon other factors based on the native chart.

3. Life Longevity, overcoming health issues are the positive things happens because of Ashtama Shani

In general, the Kataka Rasi (Cancer Sign) has to be very careful during Shani Mahadasa and Shani Antardasa period; and/or during Sani sade sati period. Those born in the Chitirai, Mirugasirisa and Avittam star has to be double careful during Shani Mahadasa periods.

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