Saturday, 13 October 2012


The effects of Shani being placed at 8th house (Leo Sign) for the Capricorn Sign

The Capricorn house itself is owned by Sani (Saturn). Thus the Shani becomes highly beneficial to Capricorn Sign, because it has the ownership of first house. But it also owns 2nd house @ Aquarius. The 2nd house represents wealth, home affairs and speech. But Capricorn sign being a Sara Lagna, the 2nd house also becomes malefic to Capricorn Sign. Thus the Saturn is capable of bringing fortunes alongside with troubles.

The first house strongly denotes the Character of the natives. Thus the Capricorn sign has to be very careful by not deviating from the legal avenues to the illegal routes. The Ashtama Sani does the following to the Capricorn Rasi (Moon Sign) and Lagna (Rising).

1. Sudden decision leads to unwanted troubles; damaging the honor or reputation.

2. Strong financial position, yet there are lot of requirements.

3. Unwanted speech leads to tension within the family; but the ties remains strong.

4. Temporary separation of couples due to profession.

If the Capricorn sticks to good contact, then it creates wonderful results for them. If Capricorn starts to deviate from good to bad routes, then all kinds of misery befall on them. The Key to success lies in choosing a morally & legally correct path; the Capricorn has to be very careful on this issues. The bad route brings success in the first and worst in the end for the Capricorn sign

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