Friday, 5 October 2012


What could be the results of Ashtama Sani @ Sani in 8th house (Taurus) for Libra Sign?

For the Libra Lagna (Rising) and Libra Rasi (Moon Sign), the Saturn is highly benefice and friendly too. Since the Saturn has the ownership of two auspicious house (@ 4th house & 5th house), it will do the maximum possible benefits to Libra Sign.

By having this friendly Saturn in the most inauspicious house (8th house), the power of Saturn will be greatly reduced. At the most, the Saturn remains non functional, but will not do any negative things beyond that.

The Libras could experience the following difficulties.

1. They may not feel comfortable with their work load. (or) they may lose out some of their comfort (or) they might experience trouble with their vehicle.

2. The students may not be confident in their studies.

3. The property issue may bring in some discomfort too.

4. They might develop differences with family elders and with their children too.

5. The Libra may run out of their luck too.

The positive side is that, all the troubles do not go out of control; and Libra's easily resolve it too.

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