Monday, 15 October 2012


The Shani owns both 11th house (Capricorn) and 12th house (Aquarius) for Pisces Sign. The 11th house represents Gain, Second Wife/Husband, Elder brother/sister and 12th house represents Expenses, Stable diet, Good rest and Sexual pleasures.

Both the 11th & 12th house are not benefice, hence the Shani is also not benefice. But these houses are not highly malefic too. So, the Pisces can expect some lesser troubles. That does not mean that there would not be any major trouble for Pisces. The Shani can be troubling to the native as per the position & strength of Shani in the natal chart.

The Ashtama Shani could create the following situation:

1. Through the relationship remains stronger with elder brother/sisters, there could be bitterness and dissatisfaction too.

2. If the native lives with 2nd or other consecutive life partners, there could be difference of opinion; which could even lead to temporary separation.

3. Though there would be gain from different sources, it might not be helpful or it may not be satisfactory.

4. Expenses increases dramatically and may be tough to control it too. Higher expenses could create havoc too.

5. There would be pressure on all sides; might have to lose some of the comforts, timely food and proper rest.

Depending on the position of Shani, the trouble either increases or decreases. But on the whole, the Shani will not trouble too badly. Thus Pisces can really feel slightly relived.

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