Saturday, 6 October 2012


What could be the results of Shani at the 8th house (Gemini) for Scorpio Sign?

The Shani is a tough opponent of Mars, which owns Scorpio house. Also Shani owns 3rd (Capricorn) and 4th (Aquarius) houses for Scorpio Sign. Here the 3rd house is inauspicious and 4th house is neutral. Thus Shani would try to do the damages for Scorpio; it is good if Shani remains defunct.

Now let us see the results of Ashtama Sani for Scorpio Sign.

1. There could be break or discolation of relationship with friends, brothers & sisters.

2. Some issues could go to the level of damaging the personal reputation.

3. Fear & uncertainity due to unknown reasons haunting the mind.

4. Artistic and cultural interest going down; artists performing badly in these periods.

5. Uncomfortable life style, uneasiness and tough travel situations.

6. Trouble with vehicles, properties and domestic animals.

7. Troubled relationship with mother (or) health issues to mother.

Ashtama Sani for Scorpio gives both good and bad results. The positive side is that Shani will not trouble too much; it remains within a limit. 

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