Wednesday, 3 October 2012


What would Shani do in the 8th house for Leo Rising (Simha Lagna) and Leo Rasi (Simha Rasi)?

Shani (Saturn) occupies 6th (Capricorn) and 7th house (Aquarius) for Leo Sign. Since Shani owns the highly inauspicious house (6th) it is highly malefic to the Leo Sign; but it is also responsible for life partner (husband/wife) and nature of profession because of its ownership to the 7th house.

By settling down in the Pisces (8th house) it will do the maximum damages and could create the following situation.

1. Unexpected rift/quarrel within the couples; or temporary separation; or living separately due to the occupational needs; or fighting legally.

2. Quarrelling with the opponents or facing legal troubles due to this issue.

3. Financial debts taking it into legal routes.

4. Suffering from health issues too.

On the positive side, all the troubles that starts at Shani Mahadasa/Antardasa period or Shani Sade Sati period, would end in a happier note too. The troubles gets solved one by one during the course of these period.

But those born on Chitirai, Mirugasirisa and Avittam star has to be careful during the start of Shani Mahadasa periods. Also the trouble with life partner gets increased, if the Partner's Mahadasa period is also not favourable.

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