Friday, 12 October 2012


What would Shani do for Sagittarius Sign by being in the 8th house (Cancer)?

The Shani owns 2nd & 3rd house for Sagittarius Sign. The 2nd house stands for Wealth, home affairs and speech; 3rd house stands for Inner strength, brothers/sisters, friends and sexual ability. Here both the houses are neither malefic or benefic, hence Shani becomes quite neutral for Sagittarius.Thus Shani does not do any thing good; we should be satisfied if Shani becomes neutral.

Let us see, what would Shani do as Ashtama Sani.

1. Financial position becomes quite comfortable; but Ashtama Sani makes it harder for the money to have any value. In other words, the person may not able to utilize or enjoy anything out of it.

2. Though family relationship is intact, still there would be greater discontent in the family issues. There could be some temporary dislocation due to business needs.

3. Normal speeches and talks sometimes could lead to misunderstanding.

4. Bitterness sprouting in the relationship with brothers/sisters and friends.

5. Sudden loss of repute, status and standing.

6. Troubles in sexual activities due to tension within the mind; or lack of interest in sexual activities.

7. Fear cripping the mind for various reasons. Loss of confidence.

Ashtama Sani do a limited damage to the Sagittarius Sign, because Shani takes a neutral role

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