Tuesday, 25 December 2012


The placement of Shani in Rishabha rasi (Taurus sign) actually means that the Shani is placed in the Lagnam itself. The Shani becomes friendly to the Sukra (Venus) the owner of Rishaba rasi (Taurus sign). Also the Shani is a highly beneficial graha (Planet) to Rishaba lagna. The Shani owns both 9th and 10th house, the benefice houses to the Rishaba lagna. But there are two negative points too. Since the Rishaba lagna comes under "Shitira category", the 9th house becomes "Pathaga Athipathi" (House of Collateral damages) too. Also the Shani loses its strength in the 1st house (Lagna). 

The Shani does its best to give benefice results to Rishaba Lagna, but the Shani will not do any major troubles. Let us see the effects of 19 Years of Shani Mahadasa on the Rishaba lagna peoples, when the Shani is placed in the lagna (Rishaba rasi/Taurus sign) itself.

First 9 1/2 Years of Shani Mahadasa for Rishaba lagna (Shani in Rishabam). 

1. The Rishaba would involve themselves in religious activities.

2. The Rishaba would enjoy themselves on many auspicious functions along with their family members especially with paternal relatives. 

3. This period gives the maximum benefits to the Rishaba on various issues. But those huge enjoyment could turn sour on few occasions too. 

Second 9 1/2 Years of Shani Mahadasa for Rishaba lagna (Shani in Rishabam). 

1. The Rishaba would build stronger foundations in their business/profession. 

2. The Rishaba mind would be filled with thoughts on the entire aspects of business/profession.

3. During the last 9 1/2 Year of Shani Mahadasa periods, the business/profession could get converted into a ever lasting business enterprise. 

1. These results are applicable only if the Rishaba lagna (Taurus sign) do not involve in any illegal and immoral activities. 
2. The results might change to certain extent for those who are born on Pratibha, Thiruthiya, Chaturthi and Thuvadasi thithis.  
3. Also due to various astrological factors, there could be some modest changes in the above mentioned predictions. 

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