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The Shani has the ownership of 4th and 5th house for Thula lagna (Libra sign). Both the houses are benefice to the Thula Lagna, hence the Shani becomes highly beneficial to the Thula lagna. The Shani becomes debilitated in the Mesha Rasi. But the Mesha Rasi is the 7th house to the Thula lagna. The Shani regain its strength because of its positive energy in the 7th trine house. Since the Thula lagna comes under the "Sara Lagna category", the 7th house gives malefice results too. Also the Mesha Rasi belongs to the Mars, the fierce opponent of the Shani. Hence the Shani find itself in a tricky situation. The Shani would try utmost not to give any major troubles to the Thula Lagna, because of its benefice character to this Thula lagna.

Now let us see the effects of 19 Years of Shani Mahadasa for the Thula Lagna (Libra):

First 9 1/2 Years of Shani Mahadasa for the Thula Lagna (Libra):

1. The relationship with the children keeps fluctuating.

2. The Luck may not help the Thula lagna always.

3. The relationship with the family elders could face some troubles.

4. Those who study, write or involve in academic works, may see their fortunes fuctuating wildly.

Second 9 1/2 Years of Shani Mahadasa for the Thula Lagna (Libra).

1. The Thula lagna would face difficulties in the property issues.

2. The travelling would not produce any positive results for the Thula Lagna.

3. The relationship with the mother may be strained due to various reasons.

4. The Thula lagna would lose their basic comforts.

On the whole, the Thula lagna has to be careful in dealing with the family issues and those come as their Guests. 

The results are subject to minimum variations due to huge number of astrological factors like Thithi Sunyam, Combustion by Sun, movement in the retrograde manner and so on. 

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