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The Shani owns 3rd and 4th house for the Viruchika (Scorpio) Lagna. By having placed in the Mesha Rasi (Aries Sign) means that it is staying in the 6th house. The 3rd house is malefice and 4th house is neutral to the Viruchika (Scorpio sign) Lagna. Thus the Shani attains the status of a malefice planet to the Viruchika Lagna (Scorpio sign). Since the Shani is fierce opponent of Kuja/Chevva which owns the Viruchika (Scorpio sign) and staying in Mesha (which is another house owned by the Chevva/Kuja (Mars)), the Shani becomes completely malefice to the Viruchika Lagna (Scorpio sign).

But the debilitation of Shani in Mesha Rasi means that the Shani loses some of its strength. Hence the Shani has the limited power to do huge damages. But the debilitated Shani won't be able to give full benefits out of the qualities of 4th house that it owns.

Let us see the effects of 19 Years of Shani Mahadasa for the Viruchika Rasi, while Shani is in the Mesha Rasi..

First 9 1/2 Years of Shani Mahadasa for Viruchika Lagna (Scorpio sign)

1. Health issues could create troubles for Viruchika.

2. The Properties could be mortgaged; or creation of assets through loans.

3. Purchase of Vehicles through loans.

4. Trouble in servicing the loan.

5. Losing life comforts due to various reasons.

6. Dissatisfied visitors/guests turning against as opponents.

Second 9 1/2 Years of Shani Mahadasa for Viruchika Lagna (Scorpio sign)

1. Relationship with younger brothers/sisters getting strained.

2. Relationship with friends goes downward.

3. Damage to the honor by the actions of opponents.

4. Constant fear and confusion within the mind.

The Viruchika Lagna should be very careful about raising loans, dealing with the opponents and also on their health issues.

The results are subject to minimum variations due to huge number of astrological factors like Thithi Sunyam, Combustion by Sun, movement in the retrograde manner and so on. 

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