Thursday, 20 December 2012


The retrograde movement of Shani is called as "Vakri Shani" (வக்கிர சனி in Tamil) (वक्री शनि in Hindi).  The Shani moves in a retrograde manner for 4 months (approx) in a Year. During this period the Shani is called as "Vakri Shani". 

This Vakri Shani has the capacity to change the results of Shani Mahadasa and Shani Sade sati periods. Let us see the possible results of Vakri Shani.

1. The Vakri Shani gets exalted power, when it becomes debilitated.

2. The Vakri Shani becomes debilitated, when it stays in the exalted house.

3. The Vakri Shani loses its strength, when it stays in its own house.

4. The Vakri Shani's strength gets improved, when it stays in the opponent house (Zodiac sign).

5. The Vakri Shani's strength gets diminished, when it stays in the friendly house (Zodiac sign).

Thus the Vakri Shani surprise everyone by giving the opposite results. Only the careful analyzis by the experienced astrologers would be able to predict the exact nature of the Vakri Shani. 

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