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The Shani owns 3rd and 4th house for the Viruchika lagna (Scorpio sign). Since the Viruchika lagna comes under the "Shthara lagna", the Shani acquires the status of Maraka Graha, because of its ownership of 3rd house. Also the Shani do not maintain friendly status with Chevva (Mars) the owner of the Viruchika lagna. 

But the Shani stays in its friend's house @ Sukra's Rishaba Rasi. Also the Rishaba being 7th house for the Viruchika lagna, the Shani becomes very strong here. Now let us see the effects of 19 Years of Shani Mahadasa for the Viruchika lagna, when the Shani is in Risabha Rasi. 

First 9 1/2 Years of Shani Mahadasa for the Viruchika lagna (Shani in Rishaba).

1. The Viruchika lagna would greatly improve their relationship with their younger brother and sisters despite minor misunderstandings with them.

2. The Viruchika lagna would feel completely confident on themselves.

3. The Viruchika lagna would lose their honor, if they put any of their ill advised plans into actions. 

4. The Viruchika lagna could tilt their mind into sexual habits and thoughts, that could damage their pride and reputation.

Second 9 1/2 Years of Shani Mahadasa for the Viruchika lagna (Shani in Rishaba).

1.  The Viruchika lagna would enjoy the total comforts in their lifestyle.

2.  The Viruchika lagna is likely to get significant gains through purchase, sales and transfer of properties.But they may also face sudden problems too. 

3. Despite some issues, the Viruchika lagna are likely to gain through travelling; they may also purchase new vehicles or exchnage old vehicles. 

4.  The Viruchika lagna may not be able to completely satisfy their guests, eventhough they served them to their maximum effort. 

General: The Viruchika lagna must be careful about maintaining their relationship with their Mother and other family members including the life partner. They should not allow their mind to be tempted. 

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