Friday, 1 February 2013


What is the impact of having Shani/Sani in 8th house or Ashtama Shani?

Among all the houses, the 8th house from either Lagna (Natal Chart) and Rasi (Moon Sign) is considered to be highly inauspicious; and brings in immense trouble too. The Eighth house denotes all kinds of sorrows (legal, health, family issues, financial issues and business issues) that a man faces in this world.

Among all the planets, the planet Saturn (Shani/Sani) has been considered as Karaka (IN-CHARGE) of Life Longevity, Type of Profession, Slavery, Employees, Iron & Iron related equipments & business, Carpentry, Theft, Punishment by Kings (Government), Jail, Debts, Consuming foods which makes one to go in an inebriated condition, gaffe's, Uninhabitated islands, hysterical conditions, Oil and Oil related business, Black Magic and Physical handicap.

Shani/Sani is also Karaka for Sexual relationship with mentally retarded, physically handicapped, elderly, Sex workers and person in the lower strata of the society. Shani/Sani is also karaka for relationship with Widower and Widows.

So, the combination of eighth house and Shani is considered to be deadly as per the Hindu Vedic Astrology. But there are twelve different zodiac signs and numerous permutation and combinations in everyone's natal chart; which brings out numerous results. Let us study the various options before us one by one in the days to come.    

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