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The Shani has the lordship over the 9th and 10th house for the Rishaba lagna (Taurus sign). Both the houses are benefic, hence the Shani can be termed as a benefic graha to the Rishaba lagna (Taurus sign). But the Rishaba lagna (Taurus sign) comes under "Sthara lagna" category, which makes the 9th house also as Pathaga Sthanam (Place of Problems). Hence the Shani does more good to the Rishaba lagna (Taurus sign), but in the end it would turn into a sour and bitter too. 

The Shani is placed in a non-friendly house @ Kataka rasi (Cancer sign), which is also a 3rd house to the Rishaba lagna (Taurus sign). Now let us see the effects of 19 years of Shani Mahadasa for the Rishaba lagna (Taurus sign), when the Shani is placed in the Kataka rasi. 

First 9 1/2 Years of Shani Mahadasa (Shani in Kataka):

1. Despite differences on various family matters, the Rishaba lagna (Taurus sign) would be able to maintain normal ties with family members and relatives.

2. There would be ups and downs on maintaining ties with the father and paternal relatives.

3. The Rishaba lagna (Taurus sign) would face lot of obstructions on various family issues that would bring them the joy and happiness into the family.

Second 9 1/2 Years of Shani Mahadasa (Shani in Kataka):

1. The Rishaba lagna (Taurus sign) would face lot of obstacles in running their business and profession.

2. The honor and reputation of the Rishaba lagna (Taurus sign) could be put to severe strain due to decision taken by the Rishaba lagna (Taurus sign) on business matters.

3. The Rishaba lagna (Taurus sign) has to be very careful with friends, brothers and sisters by involving them in the professional matters. It has to be avoided at any cost. 


1. The Rishaba lagna (Taurus sign) may face downgraded ties with friends and everyone in the family members.

2. The repuatation of the Rishaba lagna (Taurus sign) would be put to test.

3. The Rishaba lagna (Taurus sign) would be haunted by unknown fear and anxiety.

4. The Rishaba lagna (Taurus sign) could be depressed due to various family issues and also hurdles in smooth running of the business. 

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