Saturday, 2 March 2013


"Effects of Vakri Shani for the Viruchika Rasi (Scorpio Sign)":

The Shani becomes Vakri (moving in a retrograde manner) from 18.02.2013. At present the Shani is traversing in the Thula rasi (Libra sign), where it maintain friendly relationship with the Sukra, who has the lordship over the Libra sign. 

The Shani attains exalted strength in the Thula rasi (libra sign). A graha attains neecha status (Debilitated position) by moving in a retrograde manner (Vakri) when it is placed in the exalted house. The Thula rasi is a 12th house for the Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign), which is considered to be a malefic house.

Also the Shani and the Chevva (Mars) does not enjoy friendly ties with each other. The Shani treats the Chevva as its enemy and Chevva (Mars) treats the Shani as its equal. Also the Shani owns one malefic 3rd house and another neutral 4th house for the Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign). 

Thus the Shani becomes malefic graha to the Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) and stays Vakri (retrograde) in another malefic house. It is always better for a malefic graha to lose its strength. Thus the Shani becoming extremely weak and delivering a complete neecha effects (Debilitated strength) for the Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) would reduce malefic results during this Vakri Shani periods.

Let us see the effects of Vakri Shani on the Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign).

1. The expenditure troubles eases little bit for the Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign).

2. The ties with friends, brothers and sisters are likely to remain low.

3. The Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) would be faced with low confidence levels.

4. The work and efforts of the Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) may not get the due appreciation and would go unnoticed.

5. The property, vehicle and travel may not give the expected results. 

6. The Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) would face increased pressure on both business and personal issues.


The trouble with friends, brothers and sisters are likely to increase after May 2013. The honor and confidence level could decrease after May 2013. The Viruchika rasi (Scorpio sign) are likely to get increased comforts from the end of May 2013. The property, vehicle and travel related issues would turn positive from June 2013. 

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