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Friday, 14 June 2013


2013 Sani Peyarchi Palangal for Meena Rasi (Pisces Sign)

The Shani comes out of its retrograde movement on May 7th, 2013. The Shani owns the 11th and the 12th houses for the Meena lagna (Pisces sign). Both the houses are considered to be malefic in nature. But the Shani and the Guru (Lord of Pisces/Meena) treat each other as equals @ they do not maintain any animosity towards others.

Sunday, 3 March 2013


"Effects of Vakri Shani for the Meena Rasi (Pisces Sign)":

The Shani becomes Vakri (moving in a retrograde manner) from 18.02.2013. At present the Shani is traversing in the Thula rasi (Libra sign), where it maintain friendly relationship with the Sukra, who has the lordship over the Libra sign. 

The Shani attains exalted strength in the Thula rasi (libra sign). A graha attains neecha status (Debilitated position) by moving in a retrograde manner (Vakri) when it is placed in the exalted house. The Thula rasi is a 8th house for the Meena rasi (Pisces sign), which is considered to be a highly malefic house.

The Shani owns the 11th and the 12th house for the Meena rasi (Pisces sign). The Shani and the Guru (who owns the Meena rasi) treat each other as equals. The 11th and the 12th houses are considered to be malefic in nature to the  Meena rasi (Pisces sign). Here the Shani plays a malefic role for the  Meena rasi (Pisces sign).

Also the Thula rasi is a 8th house to the  Meena rasi (Pisces sign), which is highly malefic in nature. Here the Shani is placed in a exalted position. But the retrograde movement of the Shani (Vakri Shani) makes it to act like a debilitated planet. Thus the Shani delivers "neecha effects" on the  Meena rasi (Pisces sign). 

It is always good that a malefic planet to lose its strength. Let us see the results of Vakri Shani (Retrograde Shani) for the  Meena rasi (Pisces sign).

1. The Meena rasi (Pisces sign) would be faced with low profits.

2. The Meena rasi (Pisces sign) would also be burdened with huge expenditure.

3. The pressure on maintaining ties with the elder brother and sisters are likely to ease.

4. The Meena rasi (Pisces sign) are likely to lose their basic comforts like timely food and proper rest. 


The Meena rasi (Pisces sign) income level would go down and face lot of pressures from June 2013. But from June 2013, the Meena rasi (Pisces sign) would be successful in bringing down their expenses. The Meena rasi (Pisces sign) would experience mixed results during the Vakri Shani (Retrograde Shani) periods. 

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